Felipe Miari, 20 - Brazil

What’s your name?

My Name is Felipe.

How older are you?

I’m 18 =)

Where are you from?

I’m from São Paulo - Brazil.

Do you have a personal tumblr?

Yes, you can find Here.

How do you make gifs?

It’s really complicated to teach you this.. i’m sorry :/ But in some tumblrs have a tutorials how to make (but i don’t know the tumblrs)

Which program do you use to make gifs?

I use Photoshop CS5

Where i can find the Photoshop to download?


Do you make a gif for me?

No, sorry :/ 

I can send you a video to you make a gif ? 

Yes, absolutely! I will love it! But the gif will be mine, ok? haha


So that’s it guys, All other questions are more than welcome! =)